Shangchul Mahadev is the main god of this place.Shangarh meadows is their own place.
It is a land of 128 bighas.It is said that Pandavas filtered the soil and made this ground in Dwapar Yug. The specialty of this ground is  that you will not found a single stone here.Shangarh is known for its temples, harrowing a rich history that is seen in their architecture. One of the most revered local shrines, the  Shangchul Mahadev Temple, is located right in Shangarh Meadows. It appears as a bold brown structure amid a sea of green grass, catching your eye at once. The main temple was gutted in a fire in 1998 but was soon restored by the villagers. The multi-storeyed building with intricate wooden carvings is a sight to marvel at. Smaller temples are scattered all around the place, with many mythological stories woven around them